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Three laws of the relationship between environmental protection and development:

  1. Development will inevitably harm the environment because people must obtain resources from nature, and this process will inevitably be accompanied by destruction. — — People need to use water and pollutants to survive, cut trees to open mountains, reclaim wasteland to hunt and kill, expand cities, and seek land from the sea. This is inevitable.

— — The pursuit of environmental protection is only a demand generated by a small part of society with…

In a speech at the World Economic Forum in January 2021, Modi proudly said to the audience: “Some people predict that India will be the country most affected by the coronavirus in the world.”

He also said: “Today, India is one of the countries that have successfully saved the lives of its citizens.” The Bharatiya Janata Party agreed, saying that they “beat the coronavirus” and said Modi had “firm and visionary leadership.”

Most Indians should agree with this point of view. The Wall Street Journal said that India “life returned to normal” after that. Some people took off their masks…

I have been lingering on the street for a long time with a bottle of juice. I didn’t drink it, not because I was not thirsty.

I was too thirsty, but I kept admonishing myself that it was not time to drink. When a law enforcement officer finally noticed me and pointed the law enforcement recorder at me, I said in my heart: It’s time.

I carefully lifted the bottle from my waist to my chest, for fear of spilling the juice-in fact, I never opened the bottle cap. But I have to do this, I have to make my…

Melting poles, burning Amazon, coastal cities about to be submerged, and other devastating natural changes may be more likely than scientists previously thought.

On December 15th, the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) just concluded in Madrid, but the results did not reach an exciting consensus on climate issues as people expected. On the contrary, in the COP25 document, countries did not reach a unified consensus on the Paris climate agreement carbon emissions trading market and compensation for losses and damages caused by climate hazards. Many people, therefore, called the meeting “Angry Madrid”.

After the meeting, United Nations Secretary-General…

The black people’s justice for George Freud has just begun to rule that Derek Shawwen is guilty of murder, which provides Americans with responsibility — not justice.

Now, legislators need to ensure that the system changes. On April 9, a demonstrator held up a portrait of George Floyd. The protesters marched in Minneapolis, where the trial of former police officer Derek Shawven has been going on.

On Tuesday afternoon, the jury convicted former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shawwen guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and negligence in the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. Homicide. Throughout the…

“What is art?” “What is not art” is Picasso’s answer. Some people may think that this is a mystery, but this is indeed a rare and simple answer among artists.

The following are personal views, welcome to discuss. In most cases, “art” and “beauty” talk about the same thing (discussed below), but the definition of “beauty” is broad, not only includes all kinds of “Japanese”, “fresh” and “beautiful” “Pretty” also includes “exciting”, “moving”, “shocking”, “unexpected” and so on.

For example, is a thriller “beautiful”? I think it is. If it is not, people will not watch it. Is the jumping…

How difficult is it for fashion brands to be truly environmentally friendly?

Enlarged to various industries, the industrialized environment, the expanding real estate industry, the demand for electricity, etc., are all destroying the ecological balance of nature. However, clothing, food, housing and transportation, and clothes are ranked first, which are also the basics of life urgently needed by humans.
The textile industry is indeed one of the industries that pollute the environment the most. It will pollute when it is manufactured when it is transported, and when it is discarded…Of course, this pot cannot be thrown away.

As a result…

Environmentalism, including the protection of animals and the environment, I think the focus is on a better life for people. When modern technology allows people to enjoy the better medical treatment, safer food, and healthier maintenance, the carrier of life should still be protected to benefit people’s physical and mental health from the source and the most frequent contact. The rights of nature and animals are positively related to it, and this is the foundation. If it is not for people’s health but for people to endure hunger and cold, then its meaning is of little significance.

About water and…

Bringing plastic bags is not only an awakening of environmental protection awareness but also a beginning for many people to overcome their thinking of following the trend.
I won’t talk about the first point. Different people have different enlightenments. The good ones will pay attention to all aspects of life, and the bad ones will throw away trash while walking.

The point is the second one. Many people are environmentally conscious, but they feel embarrassed when they see that others don’t bring them. Will they bring them to others to think that I’m deliberately showing off? …

Speaking of plastic, everyone is no stranger to it. In short, it is a kind of synthetic resin. Because of its strong plasticity, it is widely used in our lives. Common food bags and plastic lunch boxes are all plastic.

While it brings convenience to our lives, it also creates “white” troubles. Because plastics are extremely difficult to degrade naturally, they cannot be completely decomposed even after being buried in the ground for thousands of years. At present, plastic waste has become the “public enemy number one” and “white killer” of mankind.
And there is another type of plastic, which hides…


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