In a speech at the World Economic Forum in January 2021, Modi proudly said to the audience: “Some people predict that India will be the country most affected by the coronavirus in the world.”

He also said: “Today, India is one of the countries that have successfully saved the lives…

The black people’s justice for George Freud has just begun to rule that Derek Shawwen is guilty of murder, which provides Americans with responsibility — not justice.

Now, legislators need to ensure that the system changes. On April 9, a demonstrator held up a portrait of George Floyd. …

“What is art?” “What is not art” is Picasso’s answer. Some people may think that this is a mystery, but this is indeed a rare and simple answer among artists.

The following are personal views, welcome to discuss. In most cases, “art” and “beauty” talk about the same thing (discussed…


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